Our doctors are detectives for your health condition, combining your history, symptoms and lab tests to understand the patterns of imbalance.

Before the call even begins there is an in depth Intake Form that you'll fill out to give the doctor background on your total health picture. This is important!

Make sure you complete your Intake Form before your call.

For more information on how to prepare, see: Preparing for your first consultation

During the call: 

You will spend about 60 minutes with your doctor on a video call (reserve 90 minutes for yourself to be safe).


Initially we'll take a few minutes to meet virtually & explain the process. 

Intake form review: 

During this time, the majority of the conversation will center around the intake form where your doctor will review your answers to detailed health questions to assess your health. 

The doctor will be gathering information on the history of your illness, reviewing previous lab work (if applicable), getting a clear picture of your current symptoms, and previous treatments and therapies you have done. The doctor will also discuss the medications and supplements that you currently take. 

Your willingness to be fully open and honest during this time is very important – the more honest you can be, the better we are able to help you. Rest assured that you will not be judged, criticized or ridiculed for anything you say to our doctors or staff.

Clinical recommendations:

Once the doctor feels they have all the information they need, they'll give you a clinical impression of your case and how they would like to approach your specific situation. If the doctor feels lab work is necessary, they will explain what tests they are are recommending and the process for doing that.

Lifestyle recommendations:

Finally, the doctor will make any recommendations for your beginning stages of treatment. This may include dietary modifications, lifestyle factors, herbs and/ or other supplements. While sometimes comprehensive treatment regimens depend on lab results being in, they will usually get you started on a plan to get you feeling better right away.


We value security very highly at Harvey, so only the practitioners you interact with have details of your health. Of course, we will not share any of your health data with anyone else without your permission.

What's next?

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