When you schedule your Harvey consultation you will receive a video link via phone and e-mail. This link will allow you to access your video consultation at your scheduled day and time.

Before your appointment:

Make sure you charge your device and have access to a power source if needed. You are able to use your computer's web browser or your phone to join the meeting. 

Downloading the Google Meet App

If you wish to take your appointment from mobile phone you will need to download and install the Google Meet app before your scheduled consultation time. 

Checklist items: 

  1. Downloaded Google Meet app
  2. Fully charged phone 
  3. Headphones 

At the time of your appointment:

On the web:

  1. In a web browser, enter https://meet.google.com/
  2. Copy the link sent to you via phone or text.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to join the meeting. 

On your phone:

  1. Tap the meeting link sent to you via phone or text.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to join. Your consultation should open in your Google Meet App

Problems with audio or video

If you have any problems with audio or video during your appointment, try checking this common issues on Google's support page:

What if I am still having connection issues?

If you are having trouble connecting to the video chat or get disconnected during your appointment, your doctor may phone you to continue the conversation using the phone number you have registered under your Harvey account. 

If you are unable to reach your doctor at the time of your scheduled appointment please call Harvey directly at 800-690-9989 or our website chat box.

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